Air Ambulance Services From Dibrugarh

Air Ambulance Services From Dibrugarh

Book Falcon Emergency Air and Train Ambulance Services from Dibrugarh

Dibrugarh is a city situated in Assam. Though it has a medical hospital but it does not have adequate facility to treat serious disease. Thus the local people of Dibrugarh have to take their patients out of the city for better treatment. In such conditions Falcon Emergency air and train ambulance service has been providing an outstanding service in the city. It has all the facility that a world class air and train ambulance service should have, starting from high-tech equipment to well-qualified doctors and paramedical staffs who accompany with the patient during the journey. Call us for medical air ambulance from Dibrugarh to Delhi, air ambulance Dibrugarh to Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai and among all the cities in India with bed to bed service.

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– Low cost Air ambulance services from Dibrugarh
– Advanced Train ambulance services
– Trusted Road ambulance services
– Reliable air evacuation services

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